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brake problem

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So I just install new rear rotors and pads, drove it 15 miles, and noticed the drivers side rotor and caliper were insanely hot. What could be the possible causes? The other side was just warm...
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Possibly a sticking caliper. Did you clean and grease the caliper guide pins? Could be proportion valve in the brake booster is stuck also.
Cleaned everything with brake cleaner before final install. My dad thinks I need a new caliper
Well if you get a new caliper now would be a good time to flush out all the old brake fluid and put in new. Be shuts to bleed all the air out. Good luck
So if its sticking, ill need a new one or is there anyway to fix the current one?
I believe they have a caliper rebuild kit. But I would just get a rebuilt one from rock auto.
Check the brake hose first...might just be collapsed and causing the piston to stick. Worse case scenario swap the caliper...they are pretty cheap at advance and autozone.
Well if u can bleed the caliper then we can rule out a hose. My guess is a sticking caliper and would replace both imo so that way both have even wear instead of going one by one.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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