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Back from my Government Motors (only half-joking here; I loved my corvettes but they were the shoddiest assembled vehicles I've ever seen) experience, glazed pads are somewhat common depending on where you live. I fixed a couple sets by braking fairly hard from 55-60 down to 10 several times. I went until I started smelling the pads and the squeak was always gone afterwards. You'll clearly need an open road, get up to speed, brake pretty dang hard but not hard enough to trip the ABS, get back up to speed for a few minutes to let the brakes cool and repeat 4-5 times. It just heats the pads up and scraped the smoothed over layer off so you're back down to a toothy surface.
Do you happen to live in a hilly area? Glazed brake pads usually come from mild braking that just heats the pads enough to be able to smooth them out, and not enough pressure to do anything more than glide over the rotor surface - which causes the smoothing.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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