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Definitely hate unexpected issues with the stang. Driver side front caliper locked up and shredded brake pad which made deep grooves into rotors so much that they couldn't be turned. There goes 300$ that I would rather spend on modding. Oh well sh** happens.
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That happened to me about a month ago. My rotor was ok though. Sucks!
300 bucks for what? Rotor and pad?
Pads where under warranty so they where free but driver side front rotor and caliper and labor.
You could of done those you'reself and saved some money
Not that skilled in mechanics yet. I definitely would have If I knew how
I'm slowly learning though
I'm 16 and changed them myself :) With some guidance. Lol. It's not that difficult actually if you ever have to do it again.
A first timer can do it but if you're not confident or have the tools then yea have someone do it
Yeah brakes aren't that hard of a task at all.. at least you are learning! And wanting to learn unlike most people
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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