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OK, gonna do something trick with my two 12 inch Kicker Comp 12s, they may not handle any power, but what I lost in sound I'll make up in looks.

If anyone has seen the 3G GT project, that's about what I want mine to look like. If not, here it is.

The Sub Box

The Amp Rack - Day Time

The Amp Rack - Night Time

So I was hoping someone could help guide me through all this about how to cover the box and amp rack in the foam and vinyl. The plan is to rebuild the dual sub box and tweak it alittle.

From what I've read about it, the way the amp rack cover was tucked and rolled. So I was hoping someone could guide me on how to do it.

And for the sub box, I don't want alot of slack on the corners, so can someone help me on how to make it all like one piece.

Thanks for any help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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