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Alright went to another Autocross run and got some good POV video.

I haven't been since i installed the coil overs, HPS pads, drilled & slotted rotors, and aluminum driveshaft, as well as give it some negative camber and a tiny bit of positive castor. From all that the car feels like a whole other animal.

First 2 runs i pushed it to hard coming out of the faster corners and it a few cones, but cleaned it up for my fastest final lap with no cone hits.

The car still has a lot left in it, i don't use the brakes nearly as much as i should. And i have to fix the understeering.

Lap 1: 64.172 +3
Lap 2: 63.682 +4
Lap 3: 63.158

For a comparison there was a modded 01 Cobra (even lower than my car) on Hoosier slicks. I don't know what else it had done but it was only 2 seconds faster than i was, so i think i did pretty damn well in comparison since i'm on cheap Sumitomos. The final standings are not out yet, but i'm anxious to see how i compared to all the other cars on the track.

Anyway here is the video

Oh, and that white STI you see at the very end. I beat him by about 4 seconds.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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