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C4 installation on '67 mustang?

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Ok, just recently installed a rebuilt C4 on my 1967 mustang. Went to fire it up and it sounds like the bolts on the torque converter are striking on something as the engine turns. This was a conversion from a manual to an auto so lots of things to swap out. The tranny is lined up correctly and I did pull the pilot bearing, everything else seems to be running smooth except for these things striking on the revolution. I made sure to purchase the proper nuts specific to this application (from a mustang restoration store) so I know those aren't too deep.

My question is should there be a spacer of sorts behind the flexplate or something? How far should the nuts be screwed on to the torque converter? I made sure the torque converter was seated all the way in to the bell housing and took the time to make sure everything else was in place too, just can't figure out why these bolts would be smacking now.

Any suggestions?
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on a conversion from a man trany to a auto matic you need to change the flywheel and you also need the spacer for it and i hope you do now the drive shaft will be different plus you need to have the rear end check cause now your going to be putting more torque on it and i hope you change the cross member there is a lot in to a conversion like that
You are missing the block plate!!!!!! It's like a motor plate for a race car, except it's profiled for the bellhousing pattern......this is screwing up your starter engagement as well.... Does your noise sound like the car in this video?

That's ring gear teeth grinding on the starter snout........
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