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Can a 1998 gt rear end be swapped into a 86 mustang 5.0?

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Has anybody done this?
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It will bolt up but i believe it is slightly wider than the fox rear ends. Also it will have disc brakes instead of drums and will also be 5 lug instead of 4. So you may need to make some brake line modifications on the rear. If you go this route i would also swap the front to 5 lug but obviously you will have to factor in a new set of wheels
I already have a 5 lug all around I just wanted to upgrade my brakes. Aren't the 1998 gt's equipped with 10.5' vented rotors?
Get the 13 inch cobra brake upgrade all the way around if u have 17 inch wheels
I have 18's will they still work? And where can I get them from?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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