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Hey all.... I'm the track photographer for Capitol Raceway. I ended up here as the result of the Geico thread.

(Yes, I've got permission for this)

If you race at Capitol Raceway, I may have pictures of your launches. The pics on the site are low-resolution, low-quality files, but you may download them, email the around, put them on your website, use them in .sig banners... etc free of charge. The only thing that I don't allow is commercial use. Ok, so why give them out for free? Well, just givin' ya a taste of the "real thing".... I sell the high-res copies as well as prints and posters.

Anyway, feel free to check the site out and download until your heart is content. I'll be posting announcements here about when I'll be at the track shooting, and when the latest pictures go up.

Enjoy the pictures!!

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