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Ok, this is in regards to my j**p, but I think all the general audio/video knowledge applies.

I have an 01 4.7L Grand Cherokee, and with two little ones sitting in the back have begun to consider the whole entertainment system.

I have a sunroof, so the overhead mounted dealership ripoff kit is out of the question.

I have been seeing all these pictures with the screens mounted in the back of the front seat headrests. And on ebay they have screens that mount to the vertical columns (redundant?) that the headreasts sit on
like this

Which is the best/easiest install? Or is it just as good to buy those all in one kits that sit in a bag, and you mount between the seats?

If I try to piece together a system, would would I expect to pay for the piece parts?

If I get monitors like those in the picture, are they 12VDC? then just get some power to them, connect them to a standard DVD player and run that off an AC to DC converter?

How would the audio work?

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Theres a place in Hudson named 'cartunes'
They hook stuff like that up often. I dont remember EXACTLY where it is, but iam sure you can find it if u look in the phone book, or even online.
You might want to drop in there, see what they would do, iam sure they would tell you what needs to be done.
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