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To anybody interested in some cruising with fellow mustangers, I just want to let everyone know that Midwest Stangs will be putting on a cruise from Des Moines to Ledges state park near Boone, IA. There will be people from Iowa, Nebraska, and Indiana there.

We will be BBQing after the cruise and probably check out Sec Taylor for some late night racing action and just hanging out.

Check out this page for lots of details:

Some text from that page:

The Details have finally been decided on this cruise. I along with a few others set them into stone today. So... drum roll please..... here are the fine details.


Date April 10
Time: 2pm leave at 3pm
Starting Point Royal Flush, Des Moines Iowa
Destination Ledges State Park, Boone Iowa. (approx 40 miles)

We will be travelling via Highway 17, a scenic drive with winding roads.

We are renting a Volleyball net and plan on BBQing. Please bring all of your food, drinks and utensils. Midwest Stangs will not be providing these things. You are responsible for yourself.

After the afternoons activities, we will be meeting at Sec Taylor Stadium Parking lot at 10:30PM for maybe some late night action

Please tell anyone you know with a mustang, and feel free to bring family and friends. We want this to be huge. I know Nick and I are very excited about this, and want to see 50+ cars at this event.

Make sure your car is in tip top shape, as we plan on having video coverage throughout the cruise.

Also, if you have any Midwest Stangs Shirts or Hoodies.. please wear them, so we can represent our club well!!

Please let me know if you plan on attending.

Anybody who wants to is welcome to attend! And I'm sure we can find somewhere for ya to stay that nite.
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