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i'm going to build the '94 block.

this won't happen for a while, but i want to go ahead and get my shopping list down.

i have a friend who is going to be helping me with this and can pretty much everything i need to the block, and he also will help me build it on a weekend.

so far my list is:


bore 30 over, hone
align hone mains
windage tray
arp rod bolts
what pushrods?
a local guy has a forged SC crank, getting it ground .001-.002 to clean up journals, polished
351w rods, grind ridges off.
unsure of what comp. pistons?
don't know what rings but my friend can help me
cam specs, uncertain of what i need, RGR will help with this but more imput is appreciated. barely streetable is the goal. stalling out at lights every once in a while is ok. (so i say now!)

splitport heads... RGR will be showing me or completely doing my heads, but i need imput on this. exhaust flow a must. what springs?

custom splitport intake, first accepting an m90 blower, and later an m112 ('03 oem cobra blower) or 2.2l autorotor.


2.75" dual exhaust/o/r h pipe
warlock muffs
3.50" tips

i want a bare minimum of 400rwhp/450rwtq from this. imput and suggestions wanted!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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