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Hello all ME members, like I promised here is my OFFICIAL review :headbang:
Ok, let me get started with the timeline:
8/13/12 I ordered the seats came out to $578.00
8/14/12 Seats shipped and "Brackets under production"
Ok cool that was fast only "Two Weeks" for brackets
8/21/12 Revived Seats, passengers handle is messed up. Emailed Cipher Auto.
8/23/12 Was shipped replacement Handle
9/4/12 Realized passengers seat bottom was not alligned properly for sliders and brackets.
9/13/12 Shipped a new passengers seat bottom
9/13/12 Asked where my brackets were, was told " And the brackets are still under production and will be scheduled to finish and shipped sometimes next week."
9/29/12 Emailed Cipher Auto asking where my brackets were and that it had been a MONTH. :confused: Where are they?
9/29/12 Was told "We do apologize for the delay issue, all brackets order has been delayed from 4-6 weeks and we are trying to fix the issue in the workshop as of today.
Your brackets has been finished last Friday and should be schedule to be shipped on Monday If you want to know the reason why it took so long to make the brackets, you can call our shop directly at XXXXXXXXXX and speak to Mr. XXXXX the production manager. He would be very happy to let you know what's the situation is."
9/29/12 Asked why I was not informed of this when I ordered or when I had asked :confused::mad:
10/1/12 Revived email " Thank you for you patient and we do appreciate your business.
Your order has been shipped today and you will get an update tracking on your email."
10/1/12 Brackets shipped, emailed complaining of this almost three month delay and never really knew what happened. It wasn't fair I just wanted an honest answer, and politely told them every email they sent me they spelled patience "Patient". That Bugged me....... A LOT :banghead:

Alright so dealing with them email after email was truly painful. Was not what I was expecting after all of the 5 star reviews........

Ok, so today 10/6/12 I installed the seats, I love them, well built and firm (not uncomfortable, just firm, after all it is a racing seat) For the price its a great seat. The brackets smell of spray paint and the welding is decent. Gets the jobs right and lines up with no problem. :cool: Here's some pictures of the seats and install and crappy ones when they're in the car....(Ill take more just ask)

Ok down to the chase, YES i do like the seats. NO i would NOT buy again from Cipher Auto.

Any other questions let me know! (PM me too if youd like)



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