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Classifieds Posting
  • The name of the item must be in the title of your post
  • Ads must have a detailed description including year, model number, selling price or terms of sale, item location and shipping or delivery options and pictures of item.
  • For Sale ad must have at least one picture that includes the item displayed along with a piece of paper that includes your forum username and date clearly visible within one picture of the item for sale. No photoshop type entries are allowed. Wanted ads are excluded from requiring a piece of paper with your site name and date.
  • Place only one ad per item - do not post or repost an ad in more than one section of the classifieds.
  • Ads may be removed by our staff at any time for any reason.
  • No commercial sales are permitted. This includes advertisements of your business, phone numbers to contact you for services, or prices for services.
  • We expect ads placed to be related to the topic of this forum.
  • Only members with 20 posts or more may post new ads.
  • No pointers or references to Ebay ads
  • Also, please prefix your thread titles with one of the following that apply to your post:

    For Sale:
    Want to Buy:
    Make Offer:
When selling a vehicle also include:
  • Year(s), and model of the vehicle
  • Pictures of the vehicle (one you have taken not one from a website)
  • At least one picture that includes the Mustang displayed.
  • A selling price, or at least let people know to make you offers
  • A brief description of the vehicle to include mileage and condition

If you noticed your ad was deleted:
It's because you did not follow the rules for placing an ad. Please read the sticky for posting.

No discussions about sale/wanted ads
It is being discovered and reported that some classified ads are being used to discuss a parts merit, its worth, or questioning the price. The classifieds section is also not to be used to discuss why a part is being sold, or to discuss other issues about a members car. These posts will be removed, and the classified ad closed or deleted. Use the PM function between parties (members) for these discussions. Classifieds are for selling parts, or for posting an item(s) wanted. Other posts are seen as unfair bumping of a thread. They will be deleted. If it continues, the staff will take required action.

Bumping your threads:
No bumping your Ads! And no conversations/discussions permitted for a classified ad, unless it has to do with offers. Any discussion seen as a way to bump an ad will result in a warning, and the ad being closed.

Use the PM function to discuss shipping, price offers, etc.
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