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I have a 02 mustang v6! I swapped out the stock Auto tranny, and bought a complete T5 conversion! Now the kit came with everything except a "Flywheel". Which is fine, because they said Ford changed the balance of the flywheel so he didn't want to send me one that's unbalanced and or resurfaced. My car only have 250 hp maybe a little more with my mods. So I'm not looking to spend alot. I found this for under $100, and i can literately drive 20 minutes from my house and pick it up tomorrow!
Flywheel Link 1 $68
167758 Ford Flywheel
Flywheel Link 2 $56
PowerTorque® NFW1175 - New Standard Flywheel | O'Reilly Auto Parts

Now the next big issue is, there is no way i'm reusing a used clutch, now should i buy a complete new clutch assembly, or just replace the oem clutch plate/disk. I want to go brand new clutch assembly but i don't want to get a ****ty aftermarket one that will make the clutch tight! I was going this route cause i could get a new throwout bearing with the kit. I just really dont know if i should stay oem, i could like to do a few launches and burn out "Will abuse it a little" but that's the reason i went standard in the first place.
The 2 links i sent u can also find clutch assembles, i think might be better to go with. But thats why im here ask you fine people!!! For all those parts i'm not trying to spend over $300, at worst $400. I'm unfortunately on a budget since i'm getting engaged soon and need to save money for her and that wedding BS!

Thank you so much for all the help!! :D
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