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My gt was making a chirping squeaky sound a month and a half back. The TOB was going out. Drove like that for a while until one random day when something happened to it. Just started to make the worst sound I've ever heard. Like nails on a chalk board, but 10 times worse and 10 times as loud. Could hear it screeching blocks away. Talk about mad neighbors.

Dropped the transmission to find the TOB wasn't really a bearing anymore. There was shrapnel all over the place, and parts of bearing falling out the clutch fork cover.

My advice is to replace it as soon as you can, because one day it could leave you stranded. I'm not trying to scare anyone, just my story. I'm just saying that one day it will need to be replaced, so if you don't want to do it your self or don't have money to do it now, saving up for it would be wise.
How hard was it to do it yourself
1 - 8 of 31 Posts
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