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I have not had it on a dyno, but it is probably putting out close to 500 horse. With me driving and not having been on a track in over 30 years did a pretty consistent 10.75 quarter mile on an NHRA track on a Test and Tune day. I did not build it (was given the car in place of money that was owed to me), have not built a car or raced one in years and do not know what is out there now. I need to replace the clutch and need a specific type and brand. I have heard there are now kevlar/carbon fiber combinations but no one I know has any experience with any of them. Everyone is blowing smoke and I need a good clutch that will handle the horsepower, is relatively easy to drive on the street regularly and will last a long time. I like to do my own work but I want to replace the clutch once and be done with it. I would like to keep the cost of the parts under $500 if possible but for a significant advantage will go a bit higher.

I had some decent advice (stock to about 350 horse; single disk to about 600; double disk above that, but I need more.

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