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a new quadrent and firewall adjuster is a bad way to go about setting up the cltuch will want it a touch firm at teh top, and if you take out the stock quadrent then you will have to tighten up the adjuster alot and it will wind up being right where it is now or higher. you can just leave slack in the quadrent...that works but the petal will flop up and be up high and you will have to still move your foot up high and then push it down, this only makes it start to grab lower...the best way to do it is to get a quadrent, firewall adjuster and the little clutch petal lowering thign from maximum motorsports. this way you can drop the petal height down lower...then you can use the quadrent adn ajuster to get the tention right so now you have a lower petal that is adjusted right. the whole problem is cuz the stop location for the stock petal is way to high....
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