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The rims have serial numbers and currently have 275/40/17 Kumo 712 tires on them, the tires are free to whom ever buys the rims they do have tread on them but not a whole lot, i have taken the best pics i could to display the level of tread they have left, its well legal and should be good for 5k~ maybe more not sure but they are just free cuz i dont want to take them off so who ever buys them gets the tires, buyer pays shipping however they wish that i have the ability to ship though, probably will be ups.

the price is 700, new the rims were 275 each I am selling all the wheels and tires for 175 each or 700~ the rims are in PERFECT shape there is NO curb rash on ANY of the rims there is NOTHING wrong with the rims they are still beautiful no blimishes, no dullness they still shine as they alwasy have, I recently got some 03 cobra rims for a change so I dont need these anymore.

If you need more pics or more info let me know, I tried to take pics of every aspect, the only blimish on the rims is on one of the center caps just about 3/4 inch by half an inch like stick spot that wont come off, its barly noticable but its there.

These are oem ford NOT some cheap knock off and they are the first mold not that ugly mold they use for the 4 and 5 lug bolt patterns.

Let me know if you have any questions. they are going on ebay this weekend I figured I would let you guys have first takes on them. there are pictures of every rim also.

Here is a picture of them on my car not to very long ago.

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