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well this isn't quite lounge and it isn't quite tech, so here it sits.

i have the following (the $$$ is if they were new):

4 - '99 silver cobras, 100/each almost perfect condition
2 - 245/45/17 bridgestone potenza re010, 60% tread, 80/each
2 - 275/40/17 bfg g force t/a kdw, 80-90% tread, 180/each

so a total of 860 or something, and i am guessing they would sell for 500-600 as-is now?

there is a guy with great condition prostars with new front/rear tires that wants to swap, what should the trade consist of? mine are worth a decent amount more, right? i know those front tires are cheap, but the wheels themselves are worth a good bit more than my cheap 17x8's.

thanks for the help.

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