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good site for a couple of laughs or a self esteem booster, some of them on here are so pathetic they make you feel great about yourself.

I have posted 3 confessions on here in the past 7 months.

Here are some of my favorites I have found tonight.

We had to read Bible passages for English class, so I grabbed one off the house bookshelf. I'm one of those snotty atheists with something to prove to himself because I'm surrounded by Christians on a daily basis, so when I was jerking off later I figured I'd make some arrogant self-affirming statement and ejaculate in the Bible. It wasn't until I'd finished all over a color reproduction of the Virgin Mary (insert lame one-liner HERE) that I realized this was an 80 year-old King James edition that was given to my Grandpa at birth. He's going to be buried with this.

I'm a dick. At least I didn't spill my seed upon the Earth.

I'm a carer for the mentally and physically handicapped: regular guy, upstanding and christian; i also volunteer for local youth groups on alternate weekends. Recently, one of the 'clients' (yes, that's what they are known as in the business) had a fit in the shower; she was a paraplegic but very much able-minded. I don't know why I'm telling you this, except that I feel very burdened. All I want to say is that i touched her in places that i shouldn't have: no coital entry
It is not uncommon for carers to have physical liasons with clients, but this was different, and she is a very special girl who has overcome much and now I have defiled her without both her consent, nor the Lord's. If the Lord hasn't heard me yet I very much hope he reads this posting as the shame is unbearable.
Thank you very much for this space, I so very much appreciate it.

I'm working at a solicitors. I think most of the clients are useless crims. I read their files whenever I have the opportunity, and tell all my friends about any interesting or fucked up cases. So much for client confidentiality.

Theres this guy i really hate that i have to be around on a daily basis.
The other day i told him to pay for a software crack off the internet, in the hopes his credit card number would get stolen.
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