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I just installed it all on my 2013 gt. i got the gunsmoke 12% tint.
im gonna go on a 5 star rating for a few things.
Shipping time: 5
Product: 5
Fitment: 4
Customer Service: 5
Easy install: 5

It looks great and didnt take but 45 mins to do all the lights. and if you miss place it. you just peel it off. very good product. the gunsmoke is a very good tint choice if you have a black car. im gonna drive it tonight to tell how it looks at night with my stock headlights. He is a good guy with a good product. Only cost 115 bucks to get all the tint. AM would have ran me darn near 200 bucks. ill upload some pics after it sets in for a little bit.
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