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Okay, so I need records for these people. Once you have the record, it would really benefit me if you could save it to your computer and upload it to something like or even email it to me, cause I am doing my family tree with documentation only. Thank you :D

Flander Cothern
Birth: Around 1902
Birth Location: Georgia, USA
Marriage: Alva McDonald
Marriage Date: 1930
Death: 1967
Social Security Number: 259-38-7981
Death Location: Appling County, Georgia, US
Needed Records: Marriage, Death, Birth

Thomas Calvin Nix
Birth: Jan 1897(Georgia)
Marriage: Beulah Luke
Death: Feb 1973 (Georgia)
Records Needed: Birth, Death, Marriage

Thank you.

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If you want documentation, you will have to request it from the state.

Is this your Thomas Nix?
Name: Thomas Nix
SSN: 259-07-7676
Last Residence: 31639 Nashville, Berrien, Georgia, United States of America
Born: 18 Jan 1896
Died: Feb 1973
State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (Before 1951)

This the only Beulah Luke I could find it Georgia. Was she 16 when she married?
Name: Beulah Luke
Home in 1930: Sycamore, Turner, Georgia
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Age: 16
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1914
Relation to Head of House: Daughter
Parent's Name: Estella
Race: White

Household Members: Name Age
Estella Luke 47
Gilbert Luke 24
Theola Luke 20
Thelma Luke 17
Beulah Luke 16
Emory Luke 14
Randolph Luke 12
Marian Luke 10
Ersie Luke 5

The only record I could find for Flanders was in the SSDI.

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you have 2 options with Flanders..
since he does show in the ssdi with full birth date and you have the correct social.. you can send for that file, and/or his death certificate. Both will have more details than seems to be online. has a Cothern page... if you use "appling" for the search, you'll find what seems to be a large family in that locality for quite a while. Ezekial is also in a file or two on The odds are high that he belongs in there, somewhere.
Flanders does not show up as such in anything else that I saw, either. I'd guess that if Flanders is the correct name.. he could be hiding under a nickname in the census. There should be enough detail in the official records to get a hold on something.
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