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4th annual Custom Performance Mustang Shootout on Saturday Oct 23 at Mooresville Dragway , Mooresville NC.

This is really a great event targeting daily driven street vehicles, and it's a good chance to bring your car out to see how it does against the competition. :D We are working on some really great prizes/trophies so check back often for updates.

Here's what's going on:

Heads-up Drag Racing, Mustang Shootout
4.6 3V Naturally Aspirated (2005 GT)
4.6 2V Naturally Aspirated (GT,Bullitt,etc)
4.6 4V Naturally Aspirated (Mach/Cobra)
5.0 Naturally Aspirated

4.6 2V Power Adder
4.6 4V Power Adder
5.0 Power Adder
WILD Class
Bracket Race

(N/A classes = OEM Street Radial only, no drag radials. Power Adder = drag radial, but no slicks. Slicks allowed in WILD class only)

(still being finalized as we get more sponsors on board)
At very least a nice trophy and $100 gift cert. to CP to Winner.
$50 gift certificate to CP to Runner-Up.

Car Show
Top25 show, open to all Mustangs. (same as last year)

Dyno on Site
Dan DeSio with will be there with a Dynojet.

Burnout Contest
Prizes/Awards yet to be determined

RainDate: the following Sunday Oct 24th.

Any questions, email me at [email protected]
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