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Dash indicators?

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Im new to the svt game(coming from the mitsu evo world).....ive had my cobra for a few weeks and ive noticed that my seatbelt light never comes this a typical issue, or am I looking at a cobra with a hacksaw wiring job?....

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Forgive me for my question.....and no I dont usually drive without my seatbelt on!.....but you become aware of these things after a while
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Someone probably bypassed the warning reminder
What would be the reasons to do so, besides the indicator itself?
What would be the reasons to do so, besides the indicator itself?
Not more then it gets annoying if you drive around town and things like that because it may be one of the lovely ones that seam to go off forever.. I know we bypassed it in my buddy's cobra because it was attack car/five point harness so it never could tell if it was on..
Could this be part of my left side speakers cutting in and out?
No. That's probably wiring problems.
Hoping its just a connection to the crappy aftermarket unit in it now....ill be pullin and replacing it soon to see what the deal is
What is in it now?
Idk if its just my car but do the cobras have a low fuel indicator? If they do mimes never come on
Nope. The 96-98 cobras do not have low fuel indicator. 99+ do. Heard mixed review that when you get that low the cel will start flashing, others have had it start flashing after their car has ran out of fuel and wouldn't start. I wouldn't let it get under a quarter tank unless you absolutely can't get gas for some reason.
Idk about it blinking when i run out(never have).....but my gauge will go below red without sputtering....but will also sit above full for a bit as well after filling up.....weird
What part glows red
Lol the bottom

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J guess u would say tge bottom notch....(tge empty marker
Can a 99+ cluster me easily swapped into a 97?
I don't know for sure. I would have to search for that.
I just did a lil reading....doesnt seem possible...
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