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Door lock actuator on '14 base model: do I have anti-theft?

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So my driver's door lock no longer works with the remote or the electric switch on the door. I assume I need to replace the door lock actuator. I looked them up on RockAuto and there's two different part numbers: with or without Anti-Theft. I thought they all came with Anti-Theft. My car is as base as a base model can get, but when you leave the car, there's a little red flashing LED in the dash. Is that actually what they mean by anti-theft or is there a higher optional level of factory alarm/anti-theft system?

When I looked at the details on the website, it says the one without anti-theft has a 4-terminal plug, and the one with anti-theft has a 6-terminal plug.

Thanks for any insight...


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There is an option called "active anti-theft" and it has a sensor on the map light housing. I know because of this.....

You want the regular actuator unless you have a hole there. The ECU has its own system and that is the flashing red light.
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That's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!
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