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I've been searching tons of threads and such regarding this topic yet my error happened in a weird sort of way. My CD player is empty not a single disc in the changer pretty much ever. So about 2 days ago it still worked fine until I disconnected my car battery for a while to clean the terminals and cables (build up was bad). Then upon reconnecting the positive cable viola! CD Error. I tried holding #3 and #6 for a few seconds until the sound test came up and then pushed #2 and guess what it says NO DTCs yet behind it shows the CD Error and "Initializing". So I cant clear any codes since the changer thinks nothing is wrong yet shows and CD Error and Initializing. Only other thing I did was re disconnect the battery tons of times for a few seconds to minutes. I understand it could randomly break but why would just disconnecting the battery to clean cause this? I mean its a 12V what kind of surge could it have possibly done to the unit? Of course ford would love to charge me $1,000 for a new unit for $300 just to "diagnose" the problem and I'm just thinking aftermarket now if there is no simple solution. I have not tried pulling the unit out or anything because I don't know if there is an easy fix or I'm just wasting my time with a hopeless unit. I really liked the Shaker 500 well I mean the speakers are nice the deck could be better I wouldn't need new speakers just the deck which would be far cheaper. I could live with the CD part broken too I mean the radio, everything else works just fine, even the ipod part. So the changer mysteriously broke all from only disconnecting a car battery? Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance. This is also a 2008 Ford Mustang V6 Premium Coupe with Pony Package only 30k miles but 5 years old even extended warranty don't cover it.
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