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dual exhaust system?

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i've had an issue bugging me for awhile i dont know much about exhaust systems so i have some questions and i've done some reasearch but it confuses me. sorry i dont know much on exhausts.
1st:Is an extra catalyst needed if making it dual?
2nd:X or H
3rd:what does catback mean?
4th:best brand?
5th:will i have to change headers?
6th:will i need to add an O2 sensor?
sorry for so many questions but im trying to learn
oh and what other info will i need to know when purchasing a dual exhaust kit?
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I had a off road bassani x pipe with glasspacks mufflers on my 2000 and it sounded good but would have sounded way better with a two chamber muffler. On my 04 I just did a cheap system, I had them cut right after the cats and run pipes to a set of Thrush Weld mufflers with dumped right after the mufflers and it sounds pretty good. Definatly am going to go with off road h and either thrush weld or flow 40s for my next exhaust system
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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