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Okay here is a typical V6 post about what i should do for more power. I have three options the way i see it:
1. Buy an old Fox Body and build it up over a few months until its in great shape and sell my car to make this a daily driver.
2. Save up and buy a newer V6 (2011 or after) and play around with it for awhile and try to engine swap it with a crate or wrecked 5.0 or possibly just buy a Used GT from 05-09 (least likely since insurance would nail me for a relatively new GT).
3. Finally the one that most people hear on forums like this is a V8 swap. Yeah i know this can be a pain and expensive cause it requires a ton of parts and labor but just for fun lets pretend like this isnt a ridiculous idea. Mostly id want a manual transmission installed to go with it (have an auto now and it makes me want to cry i hate this automatic transmission so much). Id get the parts off of craigslist for sure like a V8 engine or a crate block that i could transfer some V8 parts on craiglist to and so on. My main concern with this one is the transmission and wiring harness. What transmissions would fit crate engines made for ford or what transmissions would fit onto a ford engine that isnt from a mustang? I know this would take a new rear end to hold the power and driveshaft and dual exhaust and rearranging the engine bay and what not. The parts for this wouldnt be to expensive but im sure labor would be however i could probably do some work on it.

Alright so what is the reccomended path i should take? I love all styles of mustangs so it really doesnt make too much of a difference to me but i do love my current car just not its engine or transmision. I dont want a turbo or supercharger to slap on my car i want to be able to actually work on the engine and not just pay someone to do it for me. If i got a V8 in the engine bay then id be able to go in and mess around with whats in the engine itself. Problem is they dont make cams, heads and such for V6's and the ones that do still dont quite get the gains that a V8 would. So any reccomendations about which sounds the best or any info on transmissions and engine swaps?
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