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So I just got the email that Fordchip has to slightly modify their schedule. They had planned to be in Worcester Friday and Saturday for a Dyno Tune session. Well, I originally requested Saturday, then changed it to Friday. Joe was able to accomodate me, but now Alberto is unable to make it on friday, so they will only be here Saturday, which I absolutely cannot make.

So, since it appears I won't be spending the $250 on the dyno tune session, I think I will be able to get the ADS I so desperately need! :D :D :D :D

I think I will eventually need to send my chip in to have the timing retarded so I can go back to cheap gas. Seriously, I am sitting at 160rwhp. How much of that is due to the gas? Probably not very much, and probably not enough to really notice. Plus there is a little pinging over 4k rpms.
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