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Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum, not sure how much people use it but thats besides the point. I think this info may help someone so here it goes:

I recently put a 2.5" magna flow street catback on my ecoboost convertible which the manufacturer claims fits on the convertible model. After installing everything lickity split, i drove it around and noticed a loud rattle specifically when at idle, but also up to about 30 mph. Almost everyones issue with a new exhaust is the heatsheild, but this is not the case on the convertible. The exhaust is positioned between the convertible support bracket and rear sway bar and bangs on them.

First it the left side was just hitting the rear sway bar (it was position a fraction of an inch to high, so after some adjusting, it was sitting a bit lower and now rattling on the convertible support bracket.

To combat this issue, i took a couple 1/8" washers and placed them above the support bracket and tightened the bolts back down.

now the support bracket sits ever so slightly lower giving the exhaust clearance to not rattle against anything.

I still may have a touch of rattle here and there, but quiet manageable now. I certainly feel the most frustrating time to be rattling is standing still at a light, and I'm happy to report that that is no longer an issue!

Good luck on your builds everyone :)

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