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F/S 94-98 Strut Tower Brace *SOLD*

I got this STB from Matt (Matts95drag) after he stripped down his car. It has been sitting in my garage for the last 9 months, and I've decided not to install it on my car.

Now from what I've learned, this is a perfect match for 94 and 95. But in 96-98, Ford did not put the flange in the back of the firewall for the bolts in the back. So the only way to capatialize on the rear support is to fabricate a flange system. But I have been told that it is not necessary to even do that, and to just not bolt up the rear part because it would not effect the effect fo the brace anyway (this comes from people who have installed it).

There is some light rust damage where the bolts were. If you want, I can clean that up for the buyer. This STB can be painted to match your car's paint, but you'll have to do that on your own time.

If you wish to see additional pictures of the brace, ask, and I'll take any shots you ask.

Most companies weill charge 54.99 plus shipping. I'll sell it for 50 shipped (if it crosses any ocean or US border, buyer pays for the 50 + shipping).

---------- this item has already been sold -----------------


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