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Fair price for my 01 GT convert

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I bought a 01 GT convert at an auction and I am thinking of selling it as is. Just trying to get ideas of what I should ask for it. It’s an 01 black GT auto with tan convert top. The top needs to be replaced and the front bumper cover has some scratches. 137k miles. Has AEM cold air intake and pypes exhaust. Nice American muscle 5 star rims. A big issue is there is no keys for it. Dealer wants $200 for a key made. I am probably going to haul it in and have a key made or may sell it as is without a key. I bought it right so not looking to make a ton off it but just looking for thoughts on price with and without keys.


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A fair price?
It will depend largely upon the region in which you live.
I would have the key made, because a running car will be easier to sell, and bring a better price than one that doesn't.
Depending on the actual condition of the car, aside from the top, I would say that it has a value somewhere in the range of $1000 to $3000.
Bumper cover has some scratches?? Looks like it needs to be replaced or repaired more than "some scratches". Along with the hood, at least one fender, headlight (s) replacement, possible interior damage from water, and you don't even know if it runs...yeah, $1000 - $3000.
Bumper cover has some "scratches". Lol ok buddy.

If the front out of line that's basically a parts car at that point. $800-$2000... because you can get a running one that wasn't in an accident for not very much more.

If the front end and K member are straight... replace bumper, replace fender/fenders, get it running and then list it accordingly. Get it running regardless.
It's a 18 year old wrecked Mustang :(. Parts car in my book :(. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear...…………..
Go to a locksmith with proof of ownership, VIN, and ID. The locksmith should be able to make you a key from the VIN. Call first to make sure and to find out the cost.
It's a 18 year old wrecked Mustang :(. Parts car in my book :(. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear...…………..
I was trying to be nice lol.
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