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Finally changed my plugs

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Making the PCV mod? Please tell me how to do and what I need.
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AZ2Kvert's writeup on the PCV issue and his solution
I beleive that Justang made something simular. May want to PM him to see pics of his design.
99vert said:
And I started on the wrong side. I did the drivers (easy) side first.

The first two plugs (#4 and #5) looked good, but #6 was dripping oil. So I expected the same on the #3 cylinder, and it was just as bad.

#2 plug was cracked (the ceramic)

but they all were Motorola platinum..

So, I guess I have to deal with that damn PCV flaw! :evil: :oops:
yes, so you knwo about the factory defect our cars supposedly have?my #6 is mostly ok but #5 had residue. :(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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