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Well after a good week of checking out and thinking everyone had dissapeared, it turns out the good folks here thought we had dissapeared. Well we have gotten that all fixed now that we are aware of the new name and address.

I just wanted to make a few announcements regarding our status, our email is down just temp and we are currently unable to update our website. For those who visit us here, don't fret you can communicate with us via this site or call our shop.

As far as orders go, if you do make an order via our website all is well because that is not a problem at all. So just because we can't update the site, don't worry we can still get your orders. Or you can phone us at the shop to make your order.

Also we are still getting out our dual exhaust kits, we are down to 11 at last count of those not yet recieved. And we are still slowly but surely getting small shipments in and as soon as we get them, they ship out. As soon as we are done with this current backorder, we will let everyone know so that way if you would like to place an order you know there will not be any delay.

One more big announcement is the redesign of our site, with the servers going nuts an us unable to update the site, we have the team busy with a redesign of the site. Also we are adding a tracking number feature allowing all orders that are non-special order to get tracking numbers! That is the best news. I got a chance to day to get a sneak peak at the new site and I think it looks great! Hopefully by next wekk we can have it up. The address will still be the same.

One last thing we would like to address, we have recieved recent complaints from many California customers unable to reach us to place an order. We would like to remind those people that we are located in Mobile, Al. so you need to call us early your time. Our hours are 9-5 central standard time. That way we can help you.

I think that about covers anything and everything.
Once again, we are back in the stone ages but all is not lost.

Just like our Mustangs, when things break, you just fix it and make it better than it was. We have many new improvements going on here and also many new products that we are addiing to our line up.


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I agree to both posts above
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