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Finally got my Mustang!!!

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I can't believe that it has been almost a year since I've joined ME, i've met a lot of great people and have learned so much. As most of you know for that year I didn't have a Mustang, i have been working so hard toward getting it, and it finally happened today. I finally got my first Mustang, a 2001 Mustang Bullitt. I figured it would be fitting to post here because even when i joined the forum a year ago i didn't even introduce myself, i just jumped right in.

Its in pretty good shape, and has just under 140k on the odometer. The first owner did mostly freeway miles and averaged about 19k per year so thats where most of it came from. I got it this morning, but was so occupied detailing it and driving it around everywhere that I completely forgot about ME and even facebook.

I know all of you are waiting for it, so here are some pictures, and i'm going to go to bed now, its been a super long day. I will take more pictures tomorrow using my dads nice camera, these are from my iPhone 5.

PS: I already did my first mod, the front license plate delete lol.


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Congrats man! Been a while but well worth it to wait for the right one! You should also do the wot mod!
I've already done the spin through all of first and spin a little at the bottom of second.

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And some guy already tried to race me, I just let him take off the line while I did my merry thing. Make him look like the idiot.
By the way, what number is your car? And when you get time, you should register your Bullitt on IMBOC.
What is IMBOC?

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Hella sick car bro how much was it if you don't mind me asking?
I got it for $7744 out the door

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That is so awesome bro. It looks way better now than it did at the dealer. You must have been detailing like crazy.

All of us are very happy for you and you definitely deserve it. Welcome to the real club now! :)

So don't forget to join the elite club of bullitt owners and be safe with her.
Yea I did the best I could with the stuff we have, washed, clayed, waxed, toothbrushed the trim to get the dried wax out from the crappy wax job they did at the detailer, and used some back to black on the trim, then some invisible glass spray on the windows and windshield

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I'm glad u finally got ur stang !!!! It looks good. Now go lower it:)
My first mod will probably be the front end appearance package from AM, comes with the Mach 1 chin, mach 1 grille delete, 8inch antenna, and smoked headlights.

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awesome looks like the previous owner took good care of it
They did for the most part, the exterior has quite a few rock small chips on the front and on the scoops on the side... The 3rd brake light has oxidation on it but I'm going to just replace that and smoke all the lights
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Now you can change that profile picture!
I'm going to use my dads nice camera to take pics today.
They better be good pics! Lol :p
They will be.... One question, we are going to get another key made because we only got 1 with this car, are the keys chipped?
Yea they started chipping them with the 4.6 in 96 I think? My 98 was chipped and so is my 02
So what would be the cheapest way to get another key cut? We asked a guy at lowes if they had any and he said it would be $75.
If u want another ignition key, yea 55-75 at a dealership , just a door key they can cut them like a normal key
Hmmm, I was just asking cause my dad had to get another key for the corvette which has a chip, but he got a blank for cheap and got it cut for cheap also... I gues I'll look around.
Did the key work his ignition? If not then that's just getting a door key cut which would be fine if u lock ur keys in it
Yea, he said he got it from the dealer for like $25 and got it cut for like $2

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Congrats man. Nice looking ride. LOVE the color.
Thank you!
Hmm maybe there's a loop hole get a blank from a dealer and anyone can cut it lol idk man look into it
Well I know if it has the chip them you can get it cut anywhere. There is a local place that will cut a key for $2 each
Great, welcome to the party. Also did you get the issues worked out on the price. How did the dealer help you out on the price?
Ended up $7744 out the door... I'm happy with the price and didn't have to haggle too hard.
Be careful tho.. Once you start the mods it's hard to stop! Lol
I know, i've already spent about $100 on it, had to replace the 3rd brake cause there was what looked like either corrosion or carbon build up or something, so i got a black housing/smoked LED one and replacing the rear side markers cause one was cracked with blacked out ones. Also got that new key so i have 2 now.
How much did the new key set you back if you don't mind me asking. I only got 1 set of keys with mine.
$80, but since my dad was the one pulling my leg to get it we split it. Our local shop was able to cut a PATS key and program it to go with our current one so we didn't need to get 2 keys. Works perfectly.
That's alot better than i figured it would be, now i've gotta get one. Thanks man, sweet ride btw. In my entire mustang obsession, i've seen exactly 1 Bullitt. Things are rare as hell, and have a cool color. Congrats man.
Thank you! I love it!
What's your production number it's on strut tower or under driver side back seat
It's 5394. I just put it into my signature.
Sweet man slap a turbo on it:)
I want to start modding it, but being in High School making like $300 a month there aren't many options lol.
Well also nice to hear of someone who worked for their mustang instead of their parents just buying them a 30K car.
Amen to that!
01, 08 and 09. So you could say that the name "Bullitt" is more rare than Cobra or Shelby... I may only be 18 in High School but i'm going to try to keep this forever. They only made 5582 Bullitts in 2001, i've got #5394

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Oh, and the awesome color Dark Highland Green!

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They're a GT with retro gauges, shifter, seats, and the base Mustang bumpers with a GT drive train. The Bullitt also has a Bullitt specific intake on the new edge Mustangs that has some more power. The S197 Mustang also has a different brushed aluminum dash on it than a normal GT.
Yup, NE GTs have 260 horsepower and 302 pounds of torque, Bullitts have 270 horsepower (i believe) and 315 pounds of torque.

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And a retuned exhaust from the factory. Sounds pretty good for being factory.
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Plus it's bad ass because you know... It's a bullitt :)
Are there any other Bullitts on here besides us 3?
Ok i'm bringing this ancient thread back to life because i have FINALLY named her.

Wait for it.................



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