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Meguiar's scratch x2.0 works pretty good as long as the scratches are new because i used it on my black and my new scratch came out but my old ones they came out for 2 days then came back so it all depends how old and also how deep the scratch is and even after you put the meguiars stuff on make sure to wax the area..goodluck! i hate the scratches on mines especially because it shows greatly on black
I think this came in the Meguiar's car kit I bought. I'm gonna give it a try. There's not very many, and they're not very deep, but they're driving me crazy! I had a black car before and I didn't take care of it and it and it ended up looking like sh*t. Well that will NEVER be the case with my Stang :) its too much of a head turner to have it look like crap.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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