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hey how is every one doing? im pretty sure there is already a form about this but i am new to this site and idk how it works. lol soo
i just had a couple of quciks questions....

i sepnt 500 on the system... is it worth it

how will my v6 sound? i know itll never be like a v8

it comes with "tuned" 60 seriers mufflers... should i have the shop trade the 60s with the 40 deriers to make it sound better? or will it sound raspy?

is any one has this upgrade are they pleased with it? or it sucks?

this is the first of many upgrades tilll i can afford a shelby. i plan on changing the cams, intake, underdrive pullies, rear diffferential slip thingi, coil and wires, plugs, and after everything get a tune :D:D:D

heres a link to the part
817510 Mustang Flowmaster Cat Back Dual Exhaust Force II 2.25" Stainless Steel Kit V6 2005-2009 | CJ Pony Parts

thank you soo much and have a blessed day fellow mustang owners :headbang:
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