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Ok new radiator coming in a bit,
2 drain plugs, one on each side of the block
Now can I get a successful empty block if I put up the front end on stands or does the car have to be leveled?
Once completely dry and all back together add distilled water through reservoir till full.
Turn on car till she reaches heat level to open up and suck in the water
Let cool and re drain through plug on block
(Now repeat process if desired)
Add coolant start car till heats up to intake the coolant.
Shut off and add more coolant till full at reservoir
Turn on and wait till heat up point again. Shut off then add coolant if needed
I dont have a functional burp/bleed valve on the cross over hose in front of the alternator. Had to fab up to keep my temp gauge running.
Now how can I bleed/burp the air?
And is this a good way to replace all the coolant?
(99 Cobra)
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