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Well it isn't quite a direct drop in but close enough
to make it worth the savings..
I used the Airex E2448 pump. But it says Walbro
right on the side of it.

Maximum Free Flow Rate (gph):
Maximum Pressure Range (psi):
Minimum Free Flow Rate (gph):
Minimum Pressure Range (psi):

This is what came in the box if you do this swap
you might want to get a new hose for it

New pump next to old (Walbro) it is smaller and has a smaller inlet
but the outlet is the same size

The pump in the Mustang braket. I trimmed the bottom of the carrier
so it would fit the way I wanted. Probably didn't need the ZipTies but
I wanted to make sure everything was secure and not going anywhere.

Overall it was an easy swap, no more difficult than a stock pump.
Took me about two hours. Biggest pain in the ass is putting the tank
back up by ones self, and mine was completely empty.
Sent the wife to the gas station to get 5 gallons of gas going to prime
the system and start here up..

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cool. nice write up man and hopefully this can help someone with low $$$ someday.
Yes, Good job. :good::good:

If you don't mind and I don't forget, when I have time I may copy/move this to the Useful Info thread for future reference?

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Thanks for the compliments.
The only issue with the swap
is the formed hose. I couldn't
find anyone that sold it seperate
and mine looked like it had been
in there for the last 17yrs. Murphys'
Law prevailed and it split the day
after I installed the pump.

On Monday I am going to call a couple
pump manufactures and see if they will
give me a line on where to buy them or
if they will sell or just send me a few.

So, now I have a Backup pump just in case.. lol

Another tip is to jack the car up far enough to get
a Plastic Storage bin or a Tire undre the gas tank.
Pull the bolts and drop the tank on the Tire, and
jack the car up enough to pull the pump. Just drop
the car back down and bolt it back in...
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