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May left something out let me know if i did:

k then you need to do the following then..... buy an OEM switch and mount the fogs. Ok now go buy a Relay, wires, connectors, electical tape and any other needed items.

Mount the switch in the arm rest area thing after running the wires though the hole and down out under the edge of teh carpet (easier this way, then pull the wire though and the switch will have 2-3 places to stick a wire. should ahve a Power, Accesory, and Ground.

Hook a wire up to teh Power place on the switch. Then run the power wire from the switch to a KEY hot power scource, if you have an 01 up its very easy simply run it up behind the arm rest area where it goes into the dash (shifter bezel area) and splice this wire in with the REAR Defroster buttosn KEY how power wire. To find this wire you need to grab a test light ground it and test all the connections, when you find it you need to splice the power wire into this.

Now your done with that, now run the accesory wire from the switch out and though the firewall of the car, up and over to the battery. Take the relay and Mount it where ever you wish (its been a while since I have messed with the relay but i think i remember)

once you have the relay mounted, stick the wier that came from the accesory wire off the fog light switch on to the position on the relay that triggers it to turn on, its not the power one.... i cant remember what you would call it.

All this basically does as any time you flip the fog light switch ON it will allow power from the KEY hot defroster wire to travel though teh fog light switch and then out to the relay and this action TRIGGERS the relay to flip ON, cutting the power makes the relay FLIP off, or turn off. Also if you have a ground location on the fog light switch you need to run the ground wire somwhere sturdy and ground it good, you can test to make sure its a good ground by testing the accesory power wire when the switch is on, if you have power on this wire tehn you are good and power is traveling though the fog light switch towar the relay.

NOW back to teh relay, you should mount the relay some where near to the driver side head light, doesnt have to be super close i mounted mine behidn the battery on the firewall using an existing bolt.

Now you need to ground the relay, simply run a ground wire to an exiting ground location, or the negative terminal on the battery.

After you have the accesory wire from the fog light switch run to the trigger ON/OFF location on the relay *they may call it the accesory on the relay not sure* and the relay grounded, you now need to run a wire from the positive side of the battery to the POWER slot on the relay. this will now allow the relay to pull power from the battery.

Run a wire from the ACCESORY place on the relay to the fog lights. Run one power wire and split it into two wires how ever you like and run one wire to each fog light. Now take the ground from each fog light and ground them where ever you like that is a good ground, neg battery terminal is alwasys the best but anywhere on the frame will (metal) will work.

so now you have a power KEY hot wire from the REAR defrster to the switch POWER location then a wire from the switch ACCESORY locatoin to the relay TRIGGER ON/off location, also ground the fog light switch good.

the relay has a TRIGGER ON/OFF wire comming from the fog light switch, you can tell if its workign by turnign on the fog ligth switch you will hear the relay make a click sound (turning on)

now the relay has a wire from the battery that goes to its POWER location, you also have a wire going from the NEGATIVE side of the battery to the relays ground location.

you also have a wire going from the relays ACCESORY location to the fog lights, then you have the ground wires from the fog lights grounded to anywhere on the car. if this set up doesnt work first check the grounds and use the tester to check to make sure teh switch is sending power to the relay.

if you hear the relay click (most do) when you flip the fog light switch on (remember the KEY has to be turned on on the car lol) then the relay is working.

when you turn the key off or switch off the fogs will turn off.
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