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For Sale: Kicker Amps and Speakers...

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Ok, I am selling the system that I planned to put in the Cobra. I need the cash at the moment and it is doing nothing but sitting in a corner collecting dust. Here is what I have:

- SX700.4 Digital 4 Channel Amp - $400 - SOLD
- K6.2 Components - $75 - SOLD

The following are sale pending...if no $$$ from my neighbor by 9/20...they are on the open market.
- KX600.1 Mono Amp - $200
- 2 10" L7 subs (These are the 2003 model year) - $200 for both (I have a sub box for these as well...nothing fancy, just a plan dual sub box. It is included if you want it).

All of these items are NIB....only been out of the box long enough for me to set them in the trunk to determine how I wanted to lay them out. Since I have been car-less all summer, I want to do mods instead of the sound and wait till I can get all digital subs and full fiberglass trunk installation.
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we have a for sale forum here :p:
whipster24 said:
we have a for sale forum here :p:
So???? ;) Leave me was a long vacation...and I inhaled a lot of race gas fumes from the car show this weekend in lake george (gotta love when full out drag cars are allowed to cruise the main street like every other car) :cool: is moved :)
I wish I could afford those subs right now but me broke :(

btw Welcome back Rob
If the subs don't sell let me [email protected]
Will do. I am going to get a hold of him before monday to make sure he still wants them. If not, I will let you know ASAP.

Oh, and bump.
Any news on the l7s?

If you still have them would you sell them individually?
elijah said:
Any news on the l7s?

If you still have them would you sell them individually?
Well, I haven 't heard anything from anyone that has wanted them besides Lowflyin who decided he was down grading instead of upgrading. So, if you would like one, I could certainly let them go individually. So, I will let 1 go for $100. I would cost me like $20 to ship, it is yours for $120. let me know if you are interested. If you know someone else that would want one, I will let them both go for $150 + $25 shipping.
Is the 150 with the box?

I may have to jump on that in a week or two. Just started my job this week and our paychecks come the 15th...
And do you have a pic?

Thanks man.
150 with the box...sure. I don't have a pic at the moment. THe speakers are the 2003 model of the kickers...same square shape as the 2004, but not a silver in the middle. I could prolly find a pick. I could prolly find a pic that represents the box too. It isn't anything special. It is just a dual sub box. It is rectangle and has black carpet on it. They are currently at my parent's house in NY, so I can't easily get an actual pic of them. I can have the actual box measurements for you tomorrow.

If you don't have an amp, I could work on a deal for that too.
do you still have the k6.2 components? 6" cone I assume? Do you have the brakets for it?
What are you thinking for the speakers and amp?

Any way you could do 150+shipping for the KX600 and one speaker no box?
Brent - All I have left are the L7s and the amp.

I can let the whole setup of subs, box, and amp go for 300 shipped. As for splitting it all up to 1 sub and the amp...I will let that go for 250 shipped. I can't quiet let myself go down to 150, but I will let it go for 250 shipped.

Oh, and yes, that is the sub that I have. The amp is this years model so it is the same as the one currently listed on their website as well.
I'd love to get that but its a little more then I can spend right now. The finace would have my head on a stick :)
Any way you could go 200 shipped for the amp and 1 sub?
Hey Rob you still got those two L7's? Are they Dual 4 or 2 ohm? If they are 4 ohm I'll take them
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