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If you ever cruise on Chatsworth and find a place called Trick Auto, they only do Honda, Nissan, and Mitsubishi cars. Bummer yeah, but it kinda turned out well. He gave me his card and at work I talked with a guy an exchanged cards

Surprisingly, Galpin Ford has a guy who will do anything to your car. Ford, Mazda, Mercury, Saturn, Jags, Lincolns, Volvos, and Aston Martins. I was told he does a lot of crazy stuff with cars too. But yeah, here is the info

15505 Roscoe Boulevard,
North Hills, CA 91343

(818) 787-3800

ask for Shawn Harrison

Also, I recently got some info about this other guy who installs and sells body kits and all sorts of things for any type of car. More info on that later.
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