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151,2xx Miles 80% highway miles!
Engine/Tranny in mint condition!
Runs/Idle's smooth
Shifts wonderfully!
Tranny fluid changed very often @ Dealer!
ONLY synthetic engine oil has ever been used!
Engine Bay is neat and clean!
Color: Pewter
Model: LT(leather)
Autotrack 4x4
Tailgate(not the barn doors)
2- 110volt outlets under the drivers seat!
Sony Flipdown Monitor /w DVD player.
Clear turn signal lenses(have original in a box)
Clear corners.

Recent service (within 1 month)
Upper and lower intake gaskets
AC module
Total $1,100

Just about all maint. has been done at dealer less Brakes and Oil changes.

This truck has been kept up to the highest standards. I have no doubt that this truck can go without any major engine or tranny work for another 150k plus. It is a wonderfull truck. I have a decent size folder with most of the reciepts too. This was originally a southern california truck and there is no rust at all. Interior has been detailed as well as the exterior.

What it needs:
Its due for a Oil change.

And thats it for routine maint for a while. I just did the brakes and flushed the tranny a couple months ago.

1. there is a small dent right above the tailpipe (below the molding)as a tire rolled away from me and bumped into the truck there. Looks like it can be poped out very easy from behind!

2. There is another small dent below where the "1500" is on the passenger side door. So it is below the molding and right above the running board.

3. Rear and middle bench seats are in good shape.. The driver seat is worn a bit where you get in the truck. (where your left thigh would be) other than that it is finePassenger side is alot better than the driver side but In my honest opinion I would not call then great.(they are respectable though).

And thats about it!

I am sure I am missing something but I will add to this thread as I remember.
Why am I selling it? My wife is a very small woman and we have 3 small kids. She decided that she wanted to get a minivan. So we have since purchased a minivan for her.
I have finished getting it ready for the buyer so it needs nothing but a oil change. I love this truck and I really dont want to sell it, So please dont try to Haggle the price. The best I can do is $11,000. As we spent well over $1,000 to prepare to sell it.

I will do all I can for shipping/delivery. I will work with you as much as I can. I am located in Maryland, Baltimore area!

I will be posting some more recent pictures but for the time being here is what I have.

PRICE: $11,000 Firm!


You want to **** me?
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to help his sale...

My family has had a 95 suburban which currently has 190,000 miles on it and the thing still runs strong. We did have to replace the tranny at around 180k but thats a damn long tranny life. GREAT CARS/TRUCKS GUYS!!
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