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Just testing the waters. Would like to see what I could get.
2003 3.8L v6

Stock but many parts are coming in
Currently I have LT headers and X-pipe in the garage.
HCI is on it's way in
Have fuel injectors to go with the HCI set up
Also have a ford t-lok to be installed

Stock manifolds
2 flow 40s
SS tips

GT Bumpers
Grabber blue racing stripes and rocker stripe(painted)
Cobra wheels(17x9/17x10)
GT Hood
Xenon Window scoops and side scoops
I have fogs with silver star lights to be installed in the garage
Clear black housed headlights
Blacked out tails with clear reverse light
GT Wing

Sound System:
2,000$ sound system
All new kicker mids and tweets with a L7 kicker sub in the back and a 1000 watt amp

Probably much more I'm forgetting. Hoping for 5-6k.

Clean interior some stains from previous owner and the driver side seat is ripped(I can have that repaired) probably 6-7/10 interior
The exterior is 9/10
Just rolled 101k


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Wow man that is a beautiful ride!! I LOVE beautiful 6ers, hard to find nowadays it seems, most 6ers in my area are rusted/dented up pieces of crap
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