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Fuel leak

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Ok I know then bbk ssi intake has fuel leaks , how can you fix, or can you put different fuel rails on to solve it? Any help I would love
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You mean the crossover pipes on them? Could be as simple as using a different o-ring on them. If your talking about the rails themself, I've never seen that problem on then. I'm running the Bbk ssiR intake which uses the same rails and I haven't had a problem with them leaking.
Yes cross over tube . So just replace o-ring? Can get at any auto parts store?
You might be able to but idk for certain, just make sure you get the right size o-ring meaning the same size that came out, maybe grab one size bigger and give that a shot. Just make sure you don't pinch the o-rings when putting it back together. Replace them them put it together, then prime the system and check for leaks, you shouldn't have to put the upper on to check for leaks.
Cool thanks ill try that
By bigger size I mean thicker not a larger size
Also use white lithium grease on the o-ring before you put the rail on.
Ok tried o-ring didn't seem to work, heres what I have to ask ..can you weld the cross over tube holes, an run a fuel line around back of rails where the holes are plugged... Now I have a bbk ssi intake ..ready to bite a nail into ...or (lol) just get new rails but I have to use bbk rails don't know if improved or not ...PLEASE HELP!!!
Is it leaking around the o rings? You did bolt the rails back down after putting the new rings on so they are seated right?
Can you get some pictures of the problem areas?
I will,it will be later in day
It doesn't look like the o ring is in all the way
Thats add far as it will go in , once tighten down rails it wants to pull apart
Hmmm, so it basically pulls the rail away from the lower when you tighten it down.... Try using 2 o rings on each side then tighten it down and see if that helps
I will try, This might be dumb quetion but hey ....can the cross tube be welded on to rails?
Quball19 said:
I will try, This might be dumb quetion but hey ....can the cross tube be welded on to rails?
Honestly I don't know, you MIGHT be able to tap the holes and put a screw in plug in them then use a flex type gas line that screws into each side on the back of each rail but sounds like more headache than anything
Thanks for your help, not really sure what going to do .. Really pissing me off but determined to get this ssi intake an rails to work
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