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ok me and my friends are starting to build a racing game. and we need some ideas.we are going to start our cars with the 1957 chevy and move in to almost all the muscle cars. skip the cars from 1975 until 1986 and do the rest until now. the one big thing is that your will be able to build your own engine. and put it in any car you want. which i think is kinda cool.there will be alsorts of upgrades and your can play online. and the cars you buy can come with any engine. like a v6 mustang. so if you like it or have any ideas about anything we could do please post them. thanks, mike

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yea i dont know much about this stuff, but both of my friends im working on this whit are comp and script artists.

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if you need imput on mods and anything else about v6 cars, ask us. :headbang: i love the concept.

i hope to someday see a realistic and very detailed car modding game!

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is it gonna be an online game?

ok im really bored so this will be a long ass post

ok car lists


Acura Integra LS
Acura Integra GSR
Acura Integra LS/VTEC
Acura RSX-S
Acura NSX
Dodge Neon
Dodge Neon SRT-4
Honda Civic Si
Honda Civic LS/VTEC
Mitsu Eclipse GS
Mitsu Eclipse GS-T(for road courses)
Mitsu Eclipse GS-X(straight Line racing)
Mitsu 3000GT
Mitsu 3000GT Twin Turbo VR4
Mitsu Lancer Evo whatever number
Mazda Miata
Mazda 6
Mazda RX-7
Mazda RX-7 Twin Turbo
Mazda RX-8
Nissan 240SX
Nissan 300ZX
Nissan 350Z
Toyota Celica
Toyota Celica GT-S
Toyota Corola Type-S
Toyota MR2
Toyota MR2 Spyder
Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra RZ
Subaru Impreza
Subaru WRX
VW Beetle
VW Beetle Turbo whatever

all autos in this category will have the option of -

Intake accesories
Full CAI Kits
Tornado Plate(does nothing really)

Exhaust accesories

-straight flow
-Turbo Style
Catback system(with choice of muffler)

Catalytic converter options
- Hollowed out stock unit
- High Flow Cat
- Test Pipe

-ported stock manifold
-Tubular style 4-2-1
-Tubular style 4-1

Headerback System
-comes with choice of header
-comes with choice of Catalytics
-comes with choice of muffler
-comes in either 2.5 inch, 3 inch or 3.5inch

Engine and components

Intake technology
-Ported intake manifold
-Tubular sheet metal intake(venom racing style)

-spark plugs
-Plug wires

-Port and Polish
-high flow racing heads

-Street grind
-Street and strip grind
-full racing grinds

Cam Springs
-semi adjustable
-Fully adjustable

-Forged Pistons
*flat top
-Forged crank

-Bored out

Oil and lubrication
-high flow pump
-Synthetic oil
-performance oil pan(shallower for better clearence)

Fuel System

Fuel Pumps
-190 LPH
-225 LPH
-250 LPH

-400+ CC
-500+ CC
-600+ CC
-700+ CC(1000HP+)

Electronics Package

-Stock unit upgrade
-air/fuel controller

-Stand Alone FMS

-Timing controller
-MSD Ignition control module
-MSD ignition coils


-Sportline 1" drop
-Pro Kit 2" drop

-Semi adjustable
-Fully Adjustable

Coilover suspension
-fully adjustable


-high performance clutch
-racing clutch setup
-aluminum lightweight flywheel
-short throw shifter
-firewall adjustor(if applicable)

-performance halfshafts

-Limited Slip Diff.
-change Ratio


-high performance

-Cross drilled and slotted, Zinc plated

-dual piston

Big Brake Setups
-KVR Performance

Weight reduction

-remove useless panels
-remove all trunk accesories
-remove all onboard entertainment

-Remove rear seats, passenger seats
-Remove sound dampening material throughout car

-full rollcage
-racing seats
-gutted interior
-Lightweight body panels

All Out Drag Style
-Tubular Chassis
-Fiberglass 1 piece body
-no longer road race legal


Body Kits
-Black widow
-Buddy Club
-and so on..........

-turbo Style(little higher than stock)
-Racing aluminum spoiler

-lightweight 15-17"
*Polished aluminum

-Sporty 18"
*Hyper Black
*Polished aluminum

-pimpin 20"-24"(24" only if applicable)

I.C.E. Systems
-Head Units
-Custom Enclosures
-amps and systes
-flat screens and LCD
-in dash CPU

Add Ons

-add on stage 1 turbo kit
*choice of BOV
*choice of polished or chrome piping

-stage 2 upgrade
*upgrade BOV
*tubular headers(if not already installed, if already
installed will be exchanged for turbo headers)
*boost controller

-Stage 3 Upgrade
*bigger t3/t4 turbo
*External wastegate
*Bigger Injectors(if not yet installed)
*FMU upgrade(if not yet installed)
*ECU Upgrades(if not yet installed)
*bigger injectors(if not yet installed)

-Dry system
*50,75,150 shot

-wet system
*direct port nitrous injection
*NOSzle injectors(easier direct port)
*choice of 50,75,150,200
*add on a second system for up to a 400 shot
(only if upgrades to ECU and FMU are made to compensate
for a lean condition and timing advance/******)

-only from same basic origin
*honda and acura compatible, no mitsubishi to honda swaps,
or toyata to nissan swaps. however a mitsubishi GS-T 4G63
can be swapped with the stock Neon 420a.

so basically thats the import part of the game.if i missed anything feel free to add.

someone else can add the oldschool cars and performance guide as im not as good with that.

then we also need modern domestics(fords,chevy,mopar)

and then for shits and giggles, lets add some trucks. some lift kits and lowering kits.

it can be an online show of who you are. leave nobody out. like a big community of automobile
enthusiasts. people can drive in a interactive city like that of GTA3 where there can be
car shows set up, races set up and race. and if you crash your car racing you die and are blocked
from the game. if you crash just driving, you either dont have insurance and pay fake money(which
you have to get on the game somehow, racing, carshows)to fix it or pay for insurance. cause with
thousands of people driving in a city theres gonna be fender benders. there will be moderators
that drive cop cars. they have the ability to pull you over for speeding, for racing, illegal mods
and such. just like in real life you are not invincible and must pay the fine. you customize your ride
from the day you buy it. with your subscription comes the choice of car. if you pick one and dont
like it, you can try to sell it to a newbie. if not youre **** out of luck. some of the higher end
cars are not available till you get so far in the online world. you must gain prestiege, know people,
and have lots of money to unlock the cars. you must pay money for gas. you can meet people in your
area and hang out at your "crib" which will be a location given to you as like a base of operations.
you can get out of your car and walk around like GTA3. you are fully customizable too. make yourself
as pimp or limp as you wanna be. its you. you must drive to the "parts store" to get upgrades. if your car
is totaled and you have no money you are **** out of luck. maybe you can go to the online bank and borrow
some money. cant find a ride there, youll have to walk numnuts. and its a big city.

this online virtual community will bring people together like never thougt possible. everyone is striving
for that one major goal of being on the top of the prestiege list. the more prestiege you have, the harder
the challenge of becoming the best will be. you know how your daddy says "there will always be someone
faster than you" well prove him wrong. top the list, and you will rule the reality. of course, everyone else
wants to be this person too.

cash + votes = prestiege. the more people like your car, the higher your votes can be. of course, piss people
off by making fun of how their cars suck and they will vote negatively of you. its not just a vote
of what your car looks like, but how you act in the game. make more money by winning online races, online
car shows, and other competitions.

of course you will have a 10$ monthly payment to participate in this online world. decide to give up or just
dont like it anymore and you can terminate your subscription. all progress is lost. once terminated, you will
either have to find a new IP adress(yours will be blocked) or email to get your subscription renewed.

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holy god i mustve been bored

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Is it me, or does this sound like Motor City Online? Wish that game was still around, I loved it.

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it sounds alot like Hot Rod 5.0 Drag Racing Game i have here, you can build your own car to your own liking, from old cars to new get a sum of money to use to start your racing dream up for a car, and it shows you a news paper add for want adds and such, and then the modding begins with choice of engines/carb or EFI etc etc etc.... But you only get so much you can spend on the car and then on your mods, and then as you win races against the other locals you can accumulate more monies for more mods.... just like in the real world!

If you ever want the game to view for ideas, let me know...


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sounds really good guys thanks. i never thought about the gta3 kind of city but is seems like good idea. and where do i get the Hot Rod 5.0 Drag Racing Game? It sounds good to find ideas from thanks.

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um if its gonna be like a drag racing game i would steal some ideas from the nitto1320 game only add more cars...if its online it will be tough to keep it cheat free cuz i know on nitto theyve had many problems with people being gay and cheating and/or messing it up
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