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I'm looking for a nice indiglo style kit for my car, one that WON'T burn up
in a few months.

Seen the ones on ebay, but they are probably the cheapest POS kits.

some don't work with the dimmer switch, you have to install some sort of switch block/dimmer.

Anyone know put one in, and the amount of work needed to put one in?

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its not hard to put one in... the first time i took apart the dash / guage bezel area it took me a while cuz i didnt know what i was doin. Now i could install indiglos in probably 20 minutes.

EE has indiglo kits i believe

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heres a (poor) pic of mine, which came off of ebay. I'm really happy with them. Absolutely no difficulty to install either. There is a thing thats mounted under my dash to change the colors and dim it. I don't have a pic of it, but I could get one if u wanna see it. I could get u the sellers name too if u want it from ebay. I paid less than $30 i think...
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