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Gears??I'm new to this so I hope this is not a stupid do I know what gears are in my stang without tearing them out??any help would be appreciated.
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Beautiful car, should be proud. What RPM's are you running at 60mph?
I'm running 2K RPM's at 60 mph so, I would guess then, that I have stock 3.27 gears? I was told it's stock '96 Cobra. Sounds correct?
Funny, I was just think about this thread. I took my first long highway excursion yesterday where the average speed was 70-75mph and I was paying attention to the rpms. I noticed that it was at about 2K RPM's to 2400RPM's at 60-75mph. Once at 60mph, it didn't raise too much at all.
-I'll ask the prior owner next time I see him. I am also installing Amsoil/Ford Friction Modifier to the differential this weekend. We'll see how that does at lowering the RPM's. The differential fluid is an oversight among alot of people, when it is a key part in reducing drag, friction, sheer, in the entire function of the car's movement. Very important that the fluid is clear and not turning blue/gray.:headbang:
1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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