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Gears??I'm new to this so I hope this is not a stupid do I know what gears are in my stang without tearing them out??any help would be appreciated.
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What's the stock gears for auto
Yup 3.27s
Yes,i wouldn't mind going with 4.30 or big of a difference from the 4.10 gears??and what about gas??is it going to totally kill my mpg.its still my daily driver.
If its your dd then i wouldnt go more than 4.10 but at most 4.30.. it shouldnt kill your mpg that much just depends on how you drive. and what speeds and rpms youre at
4.10s kinda suck for traveling. I go back and forth to college 400mi each way and I average 23-24 highway.
It's really not a HUGE drop, I only averaged 28-30 with 3.27s, but it's noticeable.
4.30s would get you probably 20 highway.
You got a v8?
I didn't know the mpg were that good...?
Yeah I'm confused. I get at most 22-23 going 70mph. Straight highway.

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With 3.27s 5 speed
I never follow vehicles. I'm always leader of the pack.
That's why I won't have chipped good and bumper :p
And roads are probably better there too roads suck.
For sure. My country roads are almost gravel lol. It makes me mad.
1 - 9 of 46 Posts
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