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Gears??I'm new to this so I hope this is not a stupid do I know what gears are in my stang without tearing them out??any help would be appreciated.
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Awesome,thanks for the info.I'm going to do that and see what I come up with.this was my first post on here.I'm looking forward to some upgrades real soon as I figure out what I want to add first.

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Where would it be on the diff??
I'm not sure what the Roma are running at 60 but ill go see and let u know
Sorry the weather's been bad.had to put her soon as this snow is gone I'm getting her out to check the rpms.also about to order a cold air intake and throttle body tonight.
I'm running about 2500 to 2600 rpm at 60 in 4 th gear?? And idea what I have??
Idk that's where my rpms were at when I was on the highway.if I woulda dropped it down into third at 60 my rpms would of been I figured that was a good reference point for someone to have an idea of what gears I had.I'm wanting to order 410s
Dear lord. You do know that you have another gear don't you? I didn't even think about going to 3rd. I really suggest going ahead and running in overdrive (5th) at 60+. It saves so much fuel and it's so much quieter.

Anyways! 4.10s are awesome! I love mine and honestly kinda wish I had gotten 4.30s. I drive a Procharged Mach with 3.73 and it really didn't jump off the line on hard launches like my little 2v does; plus that centri squeal pissed me off. I'm definitely considering 4.30 or 4.56 when I get a 4v; it's what those motors want to run.
Yes,i wouldn't mind going with 4.30 or big of a difference from the 4.10 gears??and what about gas??is it going to totally kill my mpg.its still my daily driver.
I didn't know the mpg were that good...?
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